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The Studies Are In: CBD May be Beneficial for Your Dog.

By: Emmit Hood | May 13, 2022

Whether you're a CBD user yourself, a CBD skeptic, or anything in between, the topic of the effectiveness and safety of CBD (Cannabidiol) has been a trending debate in the past few years. As CBD has become legalized and normalized to use, people have found creative ways to consume it to achieve its desired effects. In fact, many dog owners have begun giving their pets CBD -in hopes to calm them down, help them sleep, or treat various condition their pet may have - following the results from several studies suggesting that CBD use for dogs is safe and may have benefits.

What are some benefits that my dogs will receive from CBD?

While CBD isn't clinically listed as a treatment option for dogs with certain illnesses or issues, the research is very promising, and many dog owners anecdotally have found tremendous benefits, including:

Pain relief

Relief from arthritis, especially in older dogs

Relief from anxiety

May help with reducing seizures in epileptic dogs

Improved appetite

Improved joint health

Are there any risks with giving CBD to my dogs?

CBD, when administered and dosed properly, is safe when given to dogs (according to this clinical study). If your dog consumes more CBD than their dosage recommends, they may be extra lethargic or sleepy. There have been few to no reported cases of extreme reactions when dogs were administered CBD in a clinical setting. As always, consult your veterinarian before giving your pets a new diet supplement.

How can I find safe CBD products for my dog?

It can be scary looking for a safe CBD snack or oil for your dog, as it can be hard to find the best on the market, and there is risk involved with poorly made products containing unwanted ingredients. The biggest risk with CBD products for dogs comes in the product itself, and how pure it is. Some products may contain trace amounts of THC, which is the psychoactive molecule in the Cannabis plant. THC is toxic to dogs, and products with this molecule may cause your dog to have an adverse reaction. Here at, we make your job easier, and have carefully handpicked our favorite products for you dog to enjoy safely.

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